Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Girl's Guide of Essentials for Summer

First off, we all need to be very aware that there are more important essentials for the summertime than what I'm about to show you, like sun-cream, hats and sunglasses. But, this guide is all the random essentials to make you look and feel summery and great!

The guide:

For my personal entertainment, I chose books, of course your form of entertainment can be anything you like, like films or shopping etc. If there is one author that I can suggest to all the girls out there who love a good rom-com book is any book by my favourite all-time author called Lindsey Kelk. I have read every single one of her books and I love all of them to pieces. I have no words to explain how much I love her books...Anyway, I've been waiting for months to get my hands on this book and I finally have it! I highly suggest reading her books because they are all amazingly written.

During the summer time it's great to make your skin look glowy and bronzed - but it really depends on your preference! For me, I like to stick to natural-looking products such as highlighters. Like the one shown above from MAC in the shade "Soft and Gentle." This is such a beautiful summery shade, it's a lovely rose-gold colour which really highlights and ever-so-slightly bronzes up your cheekbones. Of course, there are more affordable alternatives that you may be able to come across in your local Boots or Superdrug, but this one by MAC has been my favourite recently. *I will be doing a full review on this product which is why I haven't included any swatches in this blog post.*
You must also remember to moisturise your body, but most importantly your legs, as during this time of year as they do tend to get quite dry and they are also the main focus for if you're a shorts/skirts-wearer. I highly recommend any moisturiser that includes a bronzey-sheen or fine glitters as this will make your skin look very healthy and glowy. The lotion I tend to reach for is one by Marks and Spencers, unfortunately they do not appear to sell this product any longer. However I'm quite a fan of Dove's body lotions as they are very moisturising and some of them include a bronzey-sheen and fine glitters!

Not only is this section of the guide important for summer but it's important for all-year-round. Just like moisturising your skin is! Make sure to find a hair oil that suits your hair type - I really like oils as they are very rich and more beneficial to helping your hair. I really like the Macadamia oil as it really helps your hair to look glossy and healthy. This oil (and quite a lot of other oils) claims to protect your hair from straighteners, curlers and maybe even sun rays. Unfortunately I've just run out of my bottle, so I've got to re-purchase a new one, I'm thinking of trying the "It's a 10" range of hair care products as I've heard great reviews on their line - more specifically their "Miracle Leave-In" range of hair care products.

I really love these flip-flops that I bought from Newlook, they're really comfy and they haven't caused the middle of my first two toes to become sore. Not to mention, they're really pretty, the jewels on them reflect different colours through the sunlight which really glams up the outfit I'm wearing. When buying flip-flops I do suggest looking at the wire that goes between your big toe and your second toe. I prefer the wire between my big toe and my second toe to be plastic rather than a fabric as it will be less likely to cause irritation/burns/harsh rubbing between the toes.

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