Monday, 18 August 2014

The Actual Way To Get Smooth Lips

Hello dear readers! I have a helpful blog post for you today that has helped me on many occasions - and it will most likely help you too! I have tried this routine on quite a few people and they have all been really impressed with the results, especially when they have their lip products on. You can still do this routine even if you don't even wear lip products, like lipsticks, lip stains etc. 

The checklist:
☑ Do you have dry and rough lips?
☑ Do you get frustrated when you apply a lip product and all you can see are the dry, flaky bits on your lips piercing through your lipstick/lip gloss etc?
☑ Do you want smooth lips?

If you answered yes to a majority of the questions shown above, then keep reading to find out how to prevent dry and rough lips!

First off, you may need to purchase some exfoliating gloves (they are sold in so many places, like your local supermarket, drugstore - probably even Poundland, as they do cost a pound.) 

A majority of people tend to use toothbrushes to take off all the dry skin on their lips, but I honestly think that toothbrushes don't target the dry patches as well as an exfoliating glove does. Let me tell you why. With exfoliating gloves I find that you have more control with the glove, where as with a toothbrush it's fairly harder to target a certain area as you have a brush on the end of a stick, whereas with the glove you are practically using you finger, which allows you to apply more pressure to your lips to take off as much dry skin as possible! 

I really do recommend these gloves as they come in useful for everything. You can have one of the gloves for your face and lips and the other glove for exfoliating your body - it really feels refreshing!

Once you have your exfoliating glove:

Firstly, dampen your glove and slowly start massaging your lips with a light amount of pressure, building it up, as you get used to the pressure, make sure to target all areas of your lips, even the sides. Do this for thirty seconds to one minute - depending on how dry your lips are. 

After that your lips should look quite raw/red and plump (which is what we are looking for) and they should also start to tingle a bit, this is because the blood in your lips is reaching the surface and whilst it is doing that it is slowly plumping them (just like how a plumping lip gloss would plump your lips.) You will also see the pigment of your lips gradually get a bit darker, whilst your exfoliating your lips with the glove - which is awesome!

Secondly, you will need to sooth your lips - I also highly recommend the "Carmex" lip balms as they are amazing. This part is so vital that you apply a lip balm otherwise you may end up with chapped and sore lips the next day due to all the aggravation you have caused with the exfoliating glove. A lip balm really helps to prevent this. Apply an even, thin layer of your chosen lip product on your lips (preferably a lip balm that helps with dry and chapped lips.) 

Please just know that I would never recommend something if I didn't think a product/item had the full potential to be recommended.

The finished result:

Please excuse how uneven the colour of my top lip looks, the lighting seems to have taken over! As you can see in the picture above, you end up with smooth, dry-patch-free, lips! The only product that I have on my lips is the Carmex lip balm shown above. This exfoliating method also adds quite a bit of colour to your lips. Let me know if this little, simple routine works for you in the comments below! I hope this helped you out.

Lots of Love!

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